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Sharks Swimming in Australia Sharks Can Be Identified By Their Bite Marks Bull sharks are known for their unpredictable and often aggressive behavior, so their presence in populated areas is a concern. They are the third most likely shark to attack humans, according to NOAA Fisheries. Several fatal unprovoked attacks in the United States alone have occurred over the years. The sharks are part of the aftermath of significant flooding that occurred in many areas of Queensland during late December 2010 and early January 2011. According to the Queensland Government web page, three quarters of the state was declared a disaster zone. Previously we told you how the floods unleashed crocodiles, snakes, poisonous spiders and other potentially dangerous species into the region. It makes sense that bull sharks would also find their way into the Goodna city streets, since they were previously spotted
ALMA Observatory Public Visits ALMA is open every Saturday and Sunday morning to members cheaper jerseys of the public who want to visit its facilities located in northern Chile (50 km from San Pedro de Atacama). Visitors must register in advance by completing and submitting the form below. Only those who are registered in advance may visit the ALMA Operations Support Facility (OSF), where ALMA personnel work and where visitors can observe the control room, laboratories and usually antennas under maintenance and the antenna transporter. For safety reasons, operations on the Chajnantor Plateau (the Array Operations Site, or AOS, where the antennas are located) are not open to visitors, due to the location at 5,000 meters above sea level. To obtain an entry pass (free of charge), look for the date you plan to visit. If there are no available spots, you can register for the wait list and if one becomes open we will send you an email confirming your registration
Carbonia ancora in corsa Gir B) Carbonia Samassi 2 0 (riposava il Tortolì) Il Carbonia spera ancora nella qualificazione alla finale della Coppa Italia. Dopo aver perso alla prima giornata 1 0 a Tortolì (gol di Romeo Ferreli) questo pomeriggio ha battuto 2 0 il Samassi che ora, per sperare ancora di passare, deve battere gli ogliastrini nella terza giornata (mercoledì 24) con almeno tre gol di scarto. La gara è stata risolta dai due attaccanti schierati dal tecnico Graziano Mannu: in chiusura del primo tempo, al 45′, Caschili sblocca l’incontro con un diagonale ad incrociare; nella ripresa al 70′ Foglia raddoppia (su assist di Cau) e compromette le possibilità dei campidanesi di andare in finale. Uscito per infortunio Argiolas (distorsione alla caviglia). La classifica vede Carbonia e Tortolì 3 punti, Samassi 0. Agli ogliastrini basta pareggiare ma se dovessero perdere con un gol di scarto passerebbe
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